Dr. Ali Al Sayed Hussain

The pharmacy profession in this part of the world is undergoing substantial transformation towards greater automation, robotics, specialization and importantly upgradation of quality services. For pharmacy to keep in pace with the rest of the world it is most critical to realign, reengineer and reinvent our approach in order to be an integral part of the healthcare fraternity. Therefore it is of paramount importance that the focus should be on enhancing and upgrading competency and professionalism, facilitating staff development, introducing new range of specialized services apart, benchmarking and pursuing global collaboration.
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Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani


For over two decades, the Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition – DUPHAT has been the event that initiates new pharmaceutical innovations and technologies. Throughout the years, I have seen pharmaceutical companies work diligently to display their most advanced products and technologies knowing that this is the best platform for their products to prosper and thrive.
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