Students studying Bachelors degree in Pharmacy & Students directly pursuing Pharm. D. without having earned the Bachelors degree.

Deadline for Submission: 31st December 2015

I. Terms & Conditions
(Before submitting the form, please read the terms and conditions stipulated below)

    1. Students studying pharmacy and have not earned any Pharmacy degree at the time the event is being held.
    2. Only three names can be listed for each poster as Representative Authors. Additional names will be considered as Co-Authors. If not indicated, the first three will be considered as Representative Authors.
    3. Presence of one Representative Author at the Event is mandatory for acceptance of Poster submission.
    4. Poster submission will be rejected, if Representative Author does not confirm participation in attending the event personally even if the Poster Code was assigned.
    5. Poster Codes will be provided by the Chairman of the conference for all posters accepted and after registration to the conference is complete.
    6. Acceptance letter will clearly state that poster acceptance is conditional based on the confirmation of Representative Author attending the event personally.
    7. No correspondence will be entertained for any poster rejected by the Organizers.


  • Size of the poster 90 cm width and 150 cm height (Vertical format only) Note you cannot display a horizontal format poster with the width 150 cm; the space on the horizontal will be 90cm width only.
  • Fixing of Poster The poster can be on board/foam board/paper digital prints.
  • Each Poster will be assigned a Code. This information will be displayed in the event area.
  • Posters to be fixed in the designated space one day before the event from 12:00p.m. or in the morning of Day 1 of the event before 9:00am.
  • Materials required to fix the poster like glue tack, cellotape, etc. will be the author’s responsibility.
  • Any damage caused to exhibition panels / venue installations will be charged by the venue authorities on the Representative Author.
  • Posters to be removed on Day 3 of the event during the last session of the conference (after 1:00 pm).
  • Posters removed before 1:00 pm on Day 3 will not be eligible for poster awards, even if evaluated partly by a few evaluators.
  • Oral Presentation of the Poster The Representative Poster can additionally present the poster as a Short Oral presentation of 15 minutes inclusive of Question time.
  • Display of poster for those selected for short oral presentation is mandatory.
  • Based on the topic/theme and submission details a few posters will be selected by the Organizers for Short oral presentation.
  • No correspondence will be entertained regarding the selection of posters for Oral Presentation.
  • The Selected posters for Oral Presentation will be displayed in the DUPHAT website.
  • No separate intimation of acceptance or rejection will be communicated.


  • Preliminary Submission Code: A submission Code will be provided upon submission of the Poster.
  • Final Poster Code: The Final Poster Code is provided to those Posters for which the Representative Author has completed the fee payment and confirmed presence at the event.
  • Publication of Abstract : Posters with the Final Poster Code will be published in the conference booklet and receive the Certificate.
  • Poster Certificates & Awards
  • Certificates: Only one certificate will be provided for each Professional poster. This will be awarded to the Representative Author only who has attended and registered for the event.
  • For student posters: all registered Authors will be provided with a certificate
  • Poster not displayed even after registration fee is paid will not be entitled for the certificate.


  • Posters will be evaluated by a panel of distinguished professors chosen by the Organizers.
  • It is mandatory for the Author awarded for the Poster to be present at the Closing ceremony.
  • Awards will have to be received by the Author personally during the Closing Ceremony; no representation in this regard is accepted.
  • Awards will not be shipped by the organizers.

Disclaimer: Submission of posters, confirms your agreement to the above terms and conditions


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