green-point Why Exhibit

Generally there are three core reasons why an organisation should exhibit.


  • PROFIT – To maximize
  • MARKET SHARE – Defending and Increasing Market Share
  • COMPETITION – To attack and defend against competitors

green-point Benefits

The following is a compelling list of benefits exhibiting in Duphat offers:

  • Generating sales leads
  • Build brand image
  • Maintaining customer relations
  • Consolidating business relationships
  • Accessing new and emerging markets
  • Appointing agents and seeking principals
  • Obtaining technical knowledge
  • Initiating a direct two-way communication process with key decision makers
  • Live product demonstration to test market responses
  • Facilitating quick market penetration
  • Reach a target audience of over 10,000 medical professionals, distributors, dealers and suppliers
  • Launch a product to the target audience at a time when interest is at its peak
  • Strengthen your market position in the UAE and GCC

DUPHAT Exhibition offers not only a unique combination of benefits (as listed below) to enable the exhibitor to communicate the message but also a major opportunity that other forms of selling or media cannot provide.