Pharmacy Students in the UAE Compete at the DUPHAT Scientific and Academic Competitions

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Pharmacy Students in the UAE Compete at the DUPHAT Scientific and Academic Competitions

Dubai – United Arab Emirates, March 11th 2013: DUPHAT Conference and Exhibition commenced today at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center with large number of participants including Pharmacists, drug manufacturers and suppliers who came from all parts of the Middle East and GCC to learn and benefit from the latest updates in the industry. More than 25 colleges and universities and 20 schools participated in the DUPHAT scientific activities this year.
The scientific program for DUPHAT this year was condensed and featured a number of specialized scientific sessions and workshops delivered by speakers and specialists including deans, university professors, consultants, and seniors from prestigious international pharmaceutical associations. Speakers at DUPHAT came from different parts of the world with diverse cultures and backgrounds and this adds more value to the participants and enriches their expertise. The scientific program also includes a presentation of scientific posters prepared by specialists and college and school students. In addition, the aligned exhibition featured the most updated technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Ali Al Sayed, Director of Pharmaceutical Services Department at the Dubai Health Authority and Chairman of DUPHAT Conference said: “we tend to follow the strategic policy adopted by our government which indicates involving society in prestigious international and scientific forums such as DUPHAT. Therefore, we are keen to enhance the awareness among every member of society. Moreover, school students presented more than 10 artistic posters that features general health aspects, developing of health awareness among the community and enhancing their energy and creativity, in addition to developing communities’ awareness about heir health because they are the most important criteria in society.”

DUPHAT has always been diligent to develop the creativity and professionalism in the pharmacy students and encourage them to be more creative and professional while competing at scientific competitions hosted by DUPHAT every year. The competitions which are held during DUPHAT are unique and different than any other scientific competitions, the scientific competitions include: scientific posters competition presented by specialists in the pharmaceutical field, scientific posters presented by college students and scientific posters presented school students.
The outstanding topics and diversified competitions featured during DUPHAT conference this year are unique and presented for the first time in the world. Five awards where announced today including: the Pharmacist of the Year, the Scientist of the Year, the Pharmaceutical Leader of the Year, the Outstanding Pharmaceutical Company of the Year and the Most Unique Pharmaceutical Innovation of the Year.